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What is a Cat Lounge?

Our Cat Lounge is inspired by cat cafes with the main focus of our space being on housing & adopting out our kitty residents. The lounge opened in May of 2023 and is a central location to save and house and hang out with the cats! The lounge also helps cats get socialized & has helped many find their forever homes!

Where Are the Cats From?

Here at Save the Meow Meows Cat Lounge, we work to help kitties within the Southern California area with a focus on cats from high-kill shelters. At this time, we are partnered with other rescues and local shelters so that we may help foster the cats until they find their forever home.


Is There an Entry Fee?

Yes, as a non-profit cat rescue, our entry fee helps us upkeep our lounge space while providing care for our kitty residents. For the lounge itself, the fee helps us with ensuring we have a comfortable place for both our guests & kitties. With the amount of kitties, this fee contributes to the litter, food, toys, cat-trees, beds, & cleaning supplies we need.

We understand that paying to spend time with cats may seem a bit odd, but it's important to emphasize that your support directly contributes to the well-being of our cats and helps support our space & cause.

For Adults: $13

For Minors: $7

Can I Bring My Cat?

While we here at Save the Meow Meows love each & every cat, we do not allow cats to visit our lounge -- though we would love to see pictures! To ensure the health and safety for our kitty residents, we cannot have 'outside' cats come in. Cats can be territorial or scared in new environments and we wish to maintain a safe & controlled space for our cats while they await adoption. Thank you for understanding!


Do I Need to Make a Reservation?

At this time, we do not require reservations! For larger groups, we'd appreciate you reaching out to our voicemail: (760) 363-0720 to allow our workers time to prepare for your arrival. To reserve the space for private events, email us: Thank you!

What is the Adoption Process?

For adoptions, let our workers know that you are interested so we may assist you in match-making & finding you the best fit.

If you find the right kitty for your home, our application is online at:

This form helps us gather information about your residence & your commitment in providing for the new kitty. After the form is completed & approved, our adoption fee (at this time) depends on age range.

Kittens (cats less than a year old): $200

Adult Cat: $150

This fee covers the costs of the cat's vetting including: microchip, spay/neuter, & rabies / FVRCP vaccines.

Once check out is complete, all the cat's records will be emailed over. After everything has been finalized, you're all set to bring your new kitty home!


Why is There a Waiver to Enter?

The waiver serves as an agreement between guests & Save the Meow Meows that there may be risks upon entering our lounge space. While we work to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for all visitors, our residents are cats. They have claws & teeth and can sometimes display unpredictable behavior, even if they are generally happy and sociable. We do our best to ensure our cats are friendly & adjusted to the space however the risk cannot be completely ruled out. With the waiver, we can emphasize that while our main concern is providing a fun & safe environment, we also want to communicate the responsibilities and potential risks while interacting with rescue animals.

What Are Your Hours?

Sunday 11-7pm


Tuesday 11-7pm

Wednesday CLOSED

Thursday 11-7pm

Friday 11-7pm

Saturday 11-7pm

*Hours may change due to events or holidays*

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